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is this green thread algae or moss on my guppy grass?

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I had reverse respired this guppy grass a month ago. It mostly died back, but a few strands survived. I just left it tangled in my java moss (which wasn't doing so well itself either; wasn't quarantined) for several weeks.

Just recently noticed fine but firm, light green threadlike strings on the guppy grass. Is it thread algae or just part of the java moss? Java moss strings are bumpy, while these are smoother.


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That is algae. For algae you need at least 9 hours RR. Guppy grass is a bit delicate and does not fair well all the time in 9 hours when it’s growing algae. For it to grow algae it is already in a weakened condition. For guppy grass to do well in RR it needs to be in top form. You can try again but don’t be disappointed if it takes a bit of a hit. It should grow back in healthier though. 

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