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Hey all, so I’ll briefly preface by saying I love the fish keeping hobby and everything it entails. I’ve recently found myself to be a bit detached from it in some ways and things haven’t been as exciting as they usually are. Maintenance suffers, the amount of time spent admiring and enjoying the ecosystems seems less, less time at forums, clubs etc. Has anyone else experienced this in there journey and what sorts of things do you do to combat it? 

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Lots of folks go through this. I know I do. I find redoing a tank good. I lost interest in any decors in my tanks. They became whatever wood plants and rock I had about the house. I started adding art to my tanks. 
I also change my stocking. Though I still love whatever I’m rehoming if they are not getting enough of my attention I know it’s time for them to live with someone who will treasure them as new and exciting giving them the admiration I’m no longer giving them. 
I recently gave my entire panda Cory breeding group to @Elodie Rose so I could try my hand at Laetacara curviceps.  

I also change up my emergent gardens to reawaken my interest  

Here is the redone tank with art and new fish  



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