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Yet another 45g stocking question

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We started a 45 gallon aquarium in 2011 and while its still running with a few fish left the majority of the fish have passed on with age over the recent years. We haven't added any fish for some time now and we are looking to re-stock it.

Current inhabitants:

1 raphael catfish (approx 12 years old!!)
4 bleeding hearts
1 platy

Here are the species we would like to add:

1 Pearl gourami
Bleeding hearts
Rummynose tetras

Can you help us define if these are good tank mates and how many rummynose, corydoras and bleeding hearts would make up a nice tank. Our thoughts are something like this:

1  Pearl gourami
6 Bleeding hearts
6  Rummynose tetras
6  Corydoras (3 panda + 3 julii)

Is it ok to count the corys as a group of 6 with 2 types?
AaAdvisor rates this as 78% stocked. 
Is there any reasoning to the order the fish types should be added in?
We don't have any live plants.
We are running 2 filters, a Fluval C4 and aquaclear 150.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.  To start with, while they aren't shoaling fish, pearl gouramis are social, and often do better in groups than solo.  Because of that I'd encourage you to get several instead of just one.  I'd say a minimum of three, with one male and two females, but increasing it to five (still with females outnumbering males) would be better.

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Thank you for the replies. We started by adding some cory cats.... when we got to the pet store and looked they actually had 4 different types of corys but we settled on 6 peppered corys as we though they looked great and will look good against our light coloured sand bottom. That will be it for corys so we have slightly modified our stocking plan :

1 raphael catfish
6 Peppered Corydoras
6-9 Bleeding hearts (based on capacity)
3 Pearl gourami or congo tetras or bolivian rams or dwarf rainbow fish  (seems german blue ram wouldn't be a good option) or rummynose

Not sure on that last fish there, but we have time now to decide.


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