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Greetings! New to the Forum.

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Hello to Cory and All! I have been a long time aquarium and tropical fish enthusiast, but re-entering the hobby as an active participant (setting up my own aquariums) for the first time in nearly 30 years (having recently retired) rather than just admiring everyone else's set-ups.

I am currently working on my first project, a 75 gallon community tank (for show, not for breeding... that will come later). Back in the 90s, the largest tanks I ever had was 55 gallons, so it is all very exciting... not to mention 25-30 years of changes in the hobby.

Thanks to everyone who makes this forum a great spot to hang out.


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Thank you so much, redfish! I will be posting some pictures shortly which will show why I am starting with a 75 gallon specifically. It isn't going to happen all at once, but according to a monthly budget (approved by the Mrs. lol), so I will be taking plenty of time to listen to suggestions and advice. Thanks, again.


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