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Chihiros WRGB2 Pro 60 vs WRGB2 Pro 80


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Hi guys,

The tank is a 85L (~20g) 80x30x40cm (5cm substrates).

The tank is medium planted with lots of red plants (alternanthera reineckii, Ludwigia), montecarlo, Bacopa, ecinodorus sword red flame and nymphea red lotus. 

My current light is a chihiros WRGB 2 SLIM 60, but I think it isn't enough (it gives 27lm per litres).

I was considering the wrgb 2 pro series, what do you think? Considering that the tank is 80cm long, should I get wrgb 2 pro 60 (it extends to 80cm) or get the pro 80 (it extends 100cm)?

WRGB 2 pro 60 = 6500lm (around 78lm per litres)

WRGB 2 pro 80 = 8100lm (96lm per litres).

Can you help me?





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On 6/29/2023 at 5:49 PM, Mmiller2001 said:

I would go 80. The spread really helps.

Thank you for the double reply, I mean, the 80cm ones costs me 200€ more. I have a guy near me, that sell the 60cm for 180€, he bought it June 2022, he use it 40% since then.


But I'll take it in consideration.

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