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Extra Sicce Shark ADV bottom section.


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I bought an extra Sicce Shark ADV to just get the bottom chamber.  I've been using it to quickly change all my shark filters.  I just fill the new filter chamber (using small slice of sponge, and carbon, sandwiched in filter floss).  Switch out a filter, refill, switch out another filter, etc..  It is really quick.

I could imagine if you owned a pet store (or just many tanks) and you were using the shark, you could very quickly change all filters.  You'd just buy twice as many as you need (also giving you powerhead replacements), fill up all the filter chambers and, boom, boom, boom, change the filters.

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I broke mine the first time I tried to clean it.  I much prefer the newer models they put out to replace it.  It's easier to work with.

But yes, to your point... very good to have these and the ease of maintenance is awesome.

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