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Neolamprogus ocellotus

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You added an extra "neo" to the genus name in your thread title. It's Lamprologus, not Neolamprologus (the neo is correctly found in the genus name for multis).

The gold is a morph or variant, and is not what is most commonly seen in wild populations. The wild type "ocellated shell-dweller" is yellowish, but not a bright as the popular gold that is most commonly sold. Great article here: https://www.tfhmagazine.com/articles/freshwater/the-tiny-titan-of-lake-tanganyika-lamprologus-ocellatus-full-article

I also love Seriously Fish as a reference, for it's detailed info in a readable form: https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/lamprologus-ocellatus/.

I will also say that they color up and down very much and very often. So my golds will often appear with a lot of tan/brown and white when stressed, but color up to solid yellow/gold when content/showing. 

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