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Hello all - new(ish) to this, had fish as a kid but not for 30-odd years, just set up a 40g planted, have a 20g long cycling.  Had a rough start, lost two fish and four snails (in my defense, all from Petco), but I think I’m on the right track now.  

The currently running tank houses two fancy goldfish, one rubberlip pleco, a nerite snail, and a small clan of bladder snails (kept small by the C085EBDF-86EB-4407-AB3F-81EE228EC733.jpeg.41af9ffa1a70127031390e9077b3f1af.jpegE7B9E8DF-6C81-4A2C-B886-37588F074EA7.jpeg.b184ff9f914e471e761d66bdaea1b25e.jpeg



(I don’t have a good picture of the nerite snail, it mostly hangs out imitating the gravel)





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