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MY KH at my new house is 2. Where i Now live, my kh is 80-180.

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Thank you in advance for your help-  I did raise the kh and ph to almost match the water parameters here at the old house.  It took 8 tea spoons of sodium bicarbonate.The water is well water, Pure,  almost like RO water.

I am very worried about my weekly water changes and matching the water parameters so I don't shock my goldfish.. I  have been  going between the houses for a long time. Coming home for weekly water changes. Use aquarim co op reliable fish feeders. They are great. 

My old house is in the middle of no where.  Literally. 3hr. round trip to drs and stores. After 38 yrs,  I Can't keep it up for much longer. 

Will my goldfish die living in the adjusted water?  Or with a heavy heart, should I re home them.  One guy I raised from a fingerling. He will be 3 in October.  I have a couple young fish.    Please tell me what you think.  Thank you very much.

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I would imagine they would do fine if you match the parameters.  And I imagine you could get them adjusted to much lower adjusted parameters over time.

I bought some American Flag Fish on ebay where the Gh and KH were in the low 20s degrees of hardness.  I acclimated them to the 6 degrees GH and KH I keep my tanks at.

on the plus side, your new water may well be much easier to grow plants in.  What is your GH at old and new?



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Thank you- Old House is   8 drops of the GH test liquid so GH-180ppm.

    New House is 2 drops of the GH test liquid so 2dk.  I used 8 teaspoons of baking soda to get the gh to 7.  Should go to 8 to be really equal, but I am concerned about that much sodium bicarbonate.   Thank you for telling me about your fish.  I just don't want to kill them.  I would like to lower the ph of 8.2 here over time. Slowly.  Thank you-

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Goldfish are remarkably adaptable creatures. They can live in wildly different temperature ranges and wildly different water parameters. You can move them to the well water with little fuss. With that much of a difference I think id drip acclimate over about 45 minutes. They should be ready to go after that. 

Fish gills will adjust to a changing environment rather rapidly. 

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On 6/11/2023 at 12:27 PM, adk gal said:

k.  I used 8 teaspoons of baking soda to get the gh to 7. 

Sodium bicarb would raise KH, carbonate hardness, not GH general hardness.General hardness would be Calcium and or magnesium.

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