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     Which vegetables do your fish and snails love most? I added raw cucumber to two of our tanks. In the 10 gallon, I was trying to draw snails out since we're overrun atm. I have snails, shrimp, Otos, various nano fish in that tank. Aside from a couple snails, the cucumber was completely ignored. I had to remove it two days later. In our community tank, it was completely ignored by Corydoras, shrimp, and various fish for a day, and then our large mystery snail (Nacho Libre) devoured every bit of the slice. What would the bottom dwellers prefer? 

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The 3 I use the most are green beans zucchini and squash. I like to buy frozen whole green beans and frozen sliced bags of squash zucchini mix. Just thaw out to room temp and serve. The green beans I split in half along the lines remove the seeds and serve. I have tried carrots but have never had luck with them.

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On 6/7/2023 at 10:14 AM, JettsPapa said:

I have fed sweet peppers and spinach, in addition to the ones @TeeJay mentioned.

Oh yes I forgot about red bell peppers my plecos and snails do pretty good with those too.

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I need common favs as I have many snails and different species. Otherwise one or another ignore the snellos completely. Broccoli is their red line 😄


Mine like: collard greens, pumpkin, carrots, green beans

Meh: spinach and only rabbit snails like zucchini.

They don't like: broccoli, peas.


Spinach isn't that good as it is rich in oxalates. So it blocks calcium intake. Can be fed very sparingly if you really want to. It is best avoided for animals that need calcium in their diet in general tbf. I don't feed it to my tortoises too. Also spinach is one of the most pesticide carrying foods so I can never be sure if they are safe to be consumed really.


Cucumber is very low on nutritional value and can be addictive. So better to be avoided as well.


My fish don't like any veggies. Only red lizard whiptails and otos barely touch it 

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