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Howdy from Michigan!

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Howdy all! 😁

I've been in the hobby for about 8 years and have tried my hand at quite a few things but most of all I love to keep Polypterids/bichir (no surprise by my username lol). After moving into an apartment for a year where fish weren't allowed and having to sell everything off, I'm finally back into the hobby with a 20 gallon I just started to set up. No tanks large enough for any polypterids in the near future unfortunately 😅. Since I'm back to the hobby I wanted to re-integrate myself into the aquatic conversation. What better way than joining some forums! I'm looking forward to getting all this rust off of my fish keeping knowledge and getting to know some of you! 


Here is the 20 gal I've just set up (image attached). Luckily I had some wood and all of the sponge filters just waiting in storage along with a tank and stand; it was the only fish stuff I kept after moving because it was small enough to store.  Its been relatively inexpensive to get this far thanks to that. Stocking is where I'm kind of stuck. Top contender right now is some CPD and a few Cory cats. Potentially a bamboo shrimp once the tank matures? I'm in no rush to get this tank full of fish so leave some suggestions below! I'm also trying Fluval Stratum for the first time as substrate, seemed interesting I guess.


Anyway, looking forward to being a part of the C.A.R.E. Forum!!! 🤩

- PolypterusGuy image0.jpeg.b44e20033e8da83fcc6e1eb520800a11.jpeg

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Hi @PolypterusGuy! Welcome to the forum! I like your stocking ideas so far but have you considered the Cory and CPD will likely be in the same space in the tank? CPD in my experience stick around the bottom third of the tank. I wouldn't discourage you from getting some though they are pretty little fish and should be fun with the Cory. 

I cannot recommend Harlequin Rasboras enough as a middle dweller. :classic_biggrin:

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Well welcome back to the hobby! Harlequins are a staple in the hobby so I'd be surprised if they didn't have them! I might be a little spoiled with having some good LFS within a short distance but I also think if I lived farther from them it would be a fun day/road trip to drive to a store and come home with new friends!

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