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Amano shrimp

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I have several aquariums that I wanted to put amano shrimp in so I just bought a 10+1 pack on eBay. Can I quarantine them in a 10 gallon together for a month? I have tons of very aged java Fern for grazing I will put in my quarantine tank and I will feed food like hikiari crab, replashy, bacteria, etc? Thank you in advance

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There isn't a need to QT them.  Acclimate them like you would neocaridina or Caridina shrimp.  Once that is done you can add them to the tank.  When they are in QT, visually check the shrimp for diseases.  Amanos have a different path to your tank than most shrimp, which makes them a lot lower risk when it comes to disease.  I won't say zero risk.  If the tank you have in question doesn't have any shrimp currently, then you could ignore most shrimp diseases having any impact on your fish. 

Rachel O'Leary has some shrimp videos on the topic that show pretty clear photos of what to look for.  There is also the ever popular google search I do for "dwarf shrimp aquarium diseases" and it goes to a website with photos of everything you'd want to be aware of and look for.

Welcome to the forums!  Glad to have you here. 🙂

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