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Carbon for plants?

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On 5/23/2023 at 7:43 AM, Pepere said:

It sure is pricey at $1.94 an ounce in the 40 ounce tub.


Activated carbon can be had for $0.40 an ounce with a 40 ounce package…


I tend to be highly skeptical of all marketing claims.  Sellers tend to make big claims without backing them up with much data.  Many people take the claims at face value….

Yeah, I really don't know much about it.  Just thought the description was interesting and wanted to see if anyone has tried it out.

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Pecktec uses it.  It's more popular in the EU as an option in lieu of something like purigen.  That being said there is 3-4 different colors and they are all different types of chemical media.

I think there is a place for carbon and other chemical media tools when you're dealing with algae or nutrient issues.  My biggest concern is that you get the response from seachem and others about "it removes whatever is in excess".  Which is a difficult thing to really interpret effectiveness.

Here is the chart from the company showing the use for the normal product, elite version, blue, and green.


For an algae issues, elite or blue would be best.
For a normal planted tank, green would be best and similar in use to purigen.

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