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Sponge / HOB

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My fluval 30 I think is biting the dust . I have a sponge filter in the tank as well . So I see the ACO is big on sponges and I have one . But should I just replace the hob with a sponge, and  keep the sponge I have in now as well . The fluval isn't that old to be breaking down , but isn't keeping the flow rate .I messed with it this morning while doing a water change . It's a 10g tank .

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On 5/19/2023 at 12:48 PM, w0walana said:

have you cleaned it? people usually say they last for years

took the cap off the intake and looked into the basket fill port best I could . There was no debris in the basket or housing best I could see . How more do you clean it ?


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