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Pond Air Pump Question

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I’m thinking about using a co-op sponge filter in my small outdoor pond this year instead of a Tetra fountain filter.  The fountain filter is good but it gets knocked over from the wind easily.  Should I cover the air pump since it’s outside?  I’ve seen fake rocks at garden stores that are hollow where I could possibly put it. Would that be enough to protect it from the rain?  🤔

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Man.... who was it that had the really nice setup.  Yes you should cover it.  I have seen people use weatherproof boxes for electrical, it's a thing.  You also can put everything into a tub and then do it that way.

This is very similar.  You do need some sort of air for the pump to work, just keep that in mind.  Waterproof though, humidity, that's what you're trying to protect from as well.


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