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First Light

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Nothing special. Just some pictures taken in the dark and at sunrise.

Red Severums; DSC_0019.JPG.c3eab5c030562ee7a09bd7832f5a2571.JPG

Parrot Fish;


Sunrise over Severums;


Flash Waking up Silver Dollars;


This guy stands out amongst my EBA's. He practically glows in the dark;


For some reason, @Guppysnail's gorgeous baby RAMs love to hang with the relatively enormous Dojo's;




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That EBA is remarkable!  Poster child for what an EBA should be. Definitely a show stopper. 
The sunrise through the tanks look so tranquil. Your parrot just cracks me up. 
I wonder if the GBR are thinking …”someday I shall grow big enough to eat those ginormous worms” 🤣

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