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Looking for a good source for water parms ranges for tank stock, for planning tanks


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I'm trying to figure out the waters parm ranges for the fish I have/want so I can mix & match/combine them in ways that will work well.

I used google and got a lot of data, but no 2 source agreed.

I'm looking at: neon tetras, male betta plakat(sp?), kuhli loaches(black and banded), mystery snails, neo shrimp, peppered corys, hillstream loaches right now. 

I'm thinking about trying to get down to one 55 gallon tank for the summer. This would inlove rehoming some of the crew.

Also think about the 55 plus a 10 half cylinder and / or a 15 gallon tank.

Right now, all the water changes are eating a lot of time right now.  I am rehoming cory fry and adults. I might keep 6 males, but I also know they will add to the bio load/water lugging in the heat of the summer.

I am beginning to understand that shrimp need lower calcium that mystery snails need. I see photos of shrimp and fish in the same tanks, but gather that often doesn't work for the shrimp. (Note: I don't want a ton of shrimp, but I would like to not have them all eaten, so maybe neo shrimp are not the right shrimp)

What is your favorite source for getting accurate data about tank stock water parms?

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