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Should I euthanize my platy fry?

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I have about a month and a half old platy who looks like she’s struggling. She is really skinny compared to the others and after about a week of observation she usually lays at the bottom of the tank or on top of my cave decoration. I also noticed that she usually has really rapid breathing. It takes her a lot of effort to swim and she’s not that good at it. Her belly is completely flat compared to the others and I’m assuming it a birth defect. I really don’t want to euthanize her but if it’s the best thing for her I will. I really want to save that for last resort.8B12A240-B553-4170-9BD9-48945C065938.jpeg.ccf7828e3a1b89c44edcb591fa8ee7cc.jpegE5681A4F-CACF-47FB-9689-F982E005255B.jpeg.fd49ea7ea017c168624713c8e2e0d65b.jpeg

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I'm going to assume she's eating because she's pooping.  If her belly is, in fact, flat (doesn't necessarily look like it in the picture)... it might be a worm issue.  Her poop looks white which can be indicative of worms, but I also wouldn't necessarily say that it looks like typical worm infestation poop...

What do you feed them?  Do you happen to have a microscope or know someone who does?  Even one made for kids is probably acceptable.

Personally, I'd probably worm the whole tank either way.  Especially if it's never been done.

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