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Ember Tetra disease identification help


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1 year in the hobby and this is my first sick fish. One of my ember tetras is looking worse for wear, it is smaller and is Turning black and discoloring. I cannot find much information online about what causes this, can anyone help me diagnose what disease it might have? His eyes are a bit popped out so I was thinking Popeye but that would not explain the coloration. 






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 you can also get black spot disease that more common in pond raised fish as it needs snail and birds as host to spread the  parasites that unlikely if you had the fish a couple of months  or you can get these black patches thought trauma when your fish  swim into something in the tank  I couldn't rule out a bacterial component what I would do if you can is quarantine and do a course of maracyn if you don't have a quarantine tank then I would treat the main tank with maracyn and a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 10 gallons at that level it won't harm your plants @Hoodie

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