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Underwater cameras for aquariums

Scrum Fish

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So, I have a Wyze camera I point at one of my tanks when I leave for work in the mornings.  It's cool to be able to check on the tank whenever I want, and sometimes I catch some of the more bashful fish out that way.

However, I've wondered for a while if anyone is making a decent underwater camera for similar purposes.  I remember seeing something like what I'm thinking of manufactured by a German company but there didn't seem to be a way to get one to where I live in the US.  I know people have used GoPros, but I'm imagining something that is a fixture in the tank.  I want to say the German one I remember seeing was housed inside an artificial rock and was intended to be left in the tank constantly.

Anyone have any leads on something like that?

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For a while I was using a tall jar I got at Target, probably for pasta, attached to a coral growing platform.  My tank has an egg crate cover so I just snipped out enough for the jar to be above the tank.  The jar had a lid so I cut a hole large enough for the power cord and left the cover on.  If you don’t have an air stone nearby though, you probably could go without the lid.  It actually worked quite well but I couldn’t use the night vision function of my Wyze cam, something about the glass interfering, so I just left it on the full color setting.  I finally ended up taking it out because I wanted to try a different filter and I was running out of corner real estate.  The tank now looks very different and I’m thinking I’ll try it again; it was pretty cool to watch my fish from inside the tank.






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