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  1. Haven't updated anything about this tank in a while, after getting the 45 g set up. Flame dwarf gourami is the centerpiece. 4 dannios, 5 tiger endlers, and 8 emerald eye rasboras are the dithers. Got a gang of amano shrimp helping keep the place clean. I had some albino aeneus corydoras, but moved them to the 45 to make room for some striata loaches! Added 5 of those dudes and then really didn't see them much for a few days. They mostly were hiding inside the castle decoration and only darting out in the dark. Never saw them eating any of the food I put in, but I am pretty sure they have been sniping the ramshorn snails that live in there. Added a cholla log to give them some extra cover in a place I could see them and decided to see if they'd come out for some frozen bloodworms, as I'd read they tend to like those. That was a winner! Here are a few of them out and about. They were visible and swimming around all evening after that! Very entertaining fish. I was a little worried as some of the worms got jammed between the log and the glass, but the loaches used their narrow snouts to snaffle them all up eventually.
  2. They would, I'm certain, but the guppies are all dudes. Haven't gotten into breeding them yet! From what I've heard the ADF's would snipe at least some of the fry, though, for sure. The ADFs are pretty cool! I had read that they can be largely nocturnal and hide most of the day, but these two are out and visible and active any time I come by the tank. Even when they go into their "zen pose" they do it out in the open. My son had a tadpole that we raised into a bullfrog and kept in what is now the living room fish tank. Son named him Felix Jim. Ol' FJ sadly passed away earlier this year, which is what led us to fishkeeping, instead. We converted that tank back into an aquarium and eventually got this one for his room. Bullfrogs are native here and are all over my neighborhood, so we're just going to dig them a pond rather than try to keep another inside. We never really intended on raising a frog in the first place but my mother surprised us with a tadpole (she swears we talked about it, haha) for what was supposed to be a leopard frog. Nope, bullfrog! My son and I were both pretty bummed out about losing FJ, so I said when we started the fish tank we'd have a frog. Months and months went by and we just concentrated on the fish, snails, and shrimps and I figured he had just kinda forgotten about having frogs. Then, one day we're in our LFS picking up an order and just milling around looking at the tanks and he saw the ADFs and that was that! He named one Felix and the other Jim.
  3. Thanks! My LFS is pretty good about having lots of different corydoras and having them labelled correctly. I had never seen emeralds before and my son fell in love with them. In the store lighting they looked pitch black! It wasn’t until I got them home that I could really see the green pop im the right angles.
  4. Can't believe I was ever having trouble with the hornwort in this tank! It's huge and growing like mad now. Have had to trim it several times! I had a few other small carpeting plants that never really got going all that well, though. Trying some dwarf hairgrass and it seems to be doing just fine, though. The tiger lotus bulbs I bought from Aquarium Coop are doing very well. One has several lily pads all the way up now! I have added some Endler/guppy hybrids to the livebearer school and they fit in right away! So cool to watch the explosion of color they make when they hang out near each other. I also moved the albino corydoras from the living room tank into this one to make way for some striata loaches. They have adjusted well and are scooting around in their shoal same as always. They sometimes mix in with the emerald shoal, especially at feeding time. I've started breaking the Repashy blocks into multiple pieces to spread things out a bit and often each cory shoal will send a member over to eat with the other. Have discovered that EVERYONE in this tank likes Repashy Grub Pie. General overview:
  5. My living room tank was originally a habitat for a bullfrog. Two artifacts from those days are now in there with the fish. One is a decoration that acts like a little porch with a small cave under it that the tadpole and later frog used to chill out on. Another is a mystery snail! Luke the Snail coexisted with Felix-Jim (my son couldn’t decide between Felix or Jim for the frog’s name) and helped clean up after him. He is leading a new life cruising around the same tank albeit with a much higher water level and a much larger degree of diversity in tank-mates! Here’s a cory and an amano hanging out on FJ’s old porch while a few tiger endlers look on.
  6. Please tell me more about that! I have just started using Repashy community AND have just had duckweed take off in one of my tanks. I'm thinking of moving some to the other tank, as well, and seeing how it does. I never bought any duckweed, but apparently some hitched a ride on another plant I bought and has flourished. When/how do you add the duckweed to the Repashy? How do you dry it?
  7. As someone who recently came back to the hobby after a long time away this is a fun thread to read! Looking forward to seeing some pics of your fish and shrimps. I really liked the story about the scout rasbora, haha
  8. This idea is exciting. Should be fun to watch this grow! Been thinking of digging a little frog pond at my house (we already have frogs and toads hanging out, why not make them a pool?), but I'm not ready for outdoor fishkeeping. It's fascinating to me, though! Handsome dog, btw!
  9. A couple of short videos recently. The first two are showing Max "Bad Boy" Tiger Death who is starting to color up a little bit. The dorsal fin has gotten much taller and trails off toward his tail, too, which is looking cool. Btw, I'm assuming he's a male, but this is the first apisto I've ever had. He's very young, and I guess it's possible Max is a girl. Either way, starting to come into his own a bit and it's fun to watch. Didn't realize until now that you can heard toy monster trucks crashing in the background. Maybe mute these, haha. Mystery snail photobomb, too. Here's some general feeding time shenanigans. I really like the diversity of life in this tank. Everything that needs a group has a sizable group, but there are so many different things coexisting and it looks cool to me. Sound on for this one for a STARTLING REVELATION from my son regarding the mystery snails in there!
  10. I'll look into both of those, haven't tried either before.
  11. We've got a sword in there and I can't wait for it to really take off! The tiger lotuses really surprised me. I have never had them before and don't have any in the living room tank. They sorta just hung out near the bottom for a while and then "bam!" starting throwing shoots up to the surface! Those things seemed to be growing several inches a day at one point and have now both put pads on the surface.
  12. A week later and I can already tell the hornwort is much happier! The snails' shells are no longer translucent and some of the amanos have molted, so the calcium is getting where it needs to go! Have a few more videos. Fleshed out the endler/tiger endler school a bit and added some guppies. There is now a big healthy gang of endlers and guppies dithering about! Added a pair of dwarf African frogs, as well. I had read that they can be very shy and mostly nocturnal, but so far these two have been pretty entertaining.
  13. Oh, for sure, it could be a risk. However, he knows to be very careful around it and his room is just for sleeping and reading/watching movies. All the rambunctious stuff goes on elsewhere in the house or in the yard.
  14. I had recently added some mineral stones to add some calcium for the benefit of the snails and shrimps. Seems to be helping the hornwort a bit! It isn’t looking as sickly as it was and I can see some new growth. Fingers crossed! Good news is that it is growing so fast in the 29 gallon that I’ll have an endless supply! The living room tank is hornwort heaven.
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