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good tube cutter for larger tubes (3/4-1.5 inch)

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Can someone recommend a good cutter for larger tubings? I did buy a random gizmo with lots of high ratings on amazon but it doesn't really do what i want since it assumes you are cutting more a pipe than a tube - event hat i'm not sure - it is just kind of clumsy. So instead of throw more money away i'm hopeful someone has cut larger tubes and has an actual gizmo they have used that works well and they can recommend. The primary difference between tubing and pipe is they are not rigid and most cutters seem to be designed around smaller tubing. Yes my new aquarium uses 1.5 inch for overflows and 3/4 inch for returns and i have *lots* of tubing to cut.

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On 3/19/2023 at 3:48 PM, Darax said:

Does it work well on soft tubing or do you use it on pvc pipes ? This is the one i had purchased which seems similar and it doesn't really do what i want:



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