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Water testing for the colourblind?

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Hi all,

Was just getting together all the extras I'll be needing for my first aquarium, and it occured to me that I might actually have some issues testing water parameters since I'm somewhat red/green colourblind (deuteranopia). 

I've seen some examples of testing, and I've never been totally confident in matching the shades up. I'd like to get a master test kit since the results are apparently the most accurate, but I fear matching the transparent colours could be even harder, I'm not sure. 

Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if there's any good workarounds? I was considering taking a photo on my phone and just boosting the saturation (which could affect the accuracy perhaps?), or perhaps sending it to a friend (Which might get a bit old for them after a while!).

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Tetra has an app to scan their strips as well as JBL has their pro scan app.

Id personally suggest the pro scan just because it's likely a much better product. (Scan app has been available for a lot longer)

There is also these types of this and this guy has a discord and is also colorblind. Great resource to ask for advice!


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Thanks all, I didn't actually know about the test kits that you can read with your phone, but after looking into them more I feel like even me reading a master test kit would be more accurate than a phone reading those strips! I think for my peace of mind I'll get a master test kit, then later as I gain more confidence I might get the JBL one for more convenience. Cheers

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