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Any axolotl keepers here? Couple questions

Goldie Blue

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I've moved my axolotl Bubbles into a new tank this week, and I was planning on keeping her old tank and using it to split in half to home two bettas. Is there any reason why I couldn't move them in to a tank previously occupied by an axolotl? It's fully cycled of course. 

I know you should never put fish in with an axolotl, but I have seen stupid videos of people who keep feeder fish in there so I am assuming they can cohabitate in the same water with no issue. I am just wanting to double check they don't have some sort of diseases or anything that could kill my fish, and don't see anything about it online with searches.

I'll pull her chiller out, give the glass a good wipe down, regular water change. Am I good to go?

Bubbles sayin "what's up!" 😎



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I think it depends on the size of the axolotl. My daughter’s is roughly 8 inches at this point. We regularly add feeder guppies and ghost shrimp and he’ll pick them off 1 at a time. This picture is from when he came home about 5 months ago. He’s close to tripled in size. Quickly outgrowing the tank.


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