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Aquariums under a microscope : a project

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We’ve started the theme “microbiology” in school, and after seeing a couple of interesting bacteria on the web, I thought I’d have a look and see if my tanks are bacterial havens.

To start with I took my microscope (from a toy store) 1320FC13-97F7-4B58-8384-A4FE7C0837E2.jpeg.a954f4a977d4f04006ed280f70d71b82.jpeg

And used a spoon (my pipette has gone walkies) to put a bit of “Easystart” on the lens. image.jpg.a74e03559658aec325136a1c1064fc21.jpg

The result:9D343467-9256-408D-8E3D-5B76ADDF0625.jpeg.5d311cb38e4fb40f1a0ccb3cc7df1153.jpeg

Magnified 200 times, it seems to resemble wet sand. When going closer, I can actually notice little black things moving and pushing the grains of ‘sand’ out of the way. Seeing as I’ve had this culture for a long time, they’re probably dead microorganisms with a few live ones in between. D4802F00-71EE-4216-A78D-0515046EB32B.jpeg.1717ca0a9b54b1921b6a16277132e28b.jpeg

Next up I took some Brine shrimp (4ish days old) and put them under the lens. First thing I saw: 2370201E-D329-4FBB-B528-ABF56B4DA270.jpeg.bba5e51fd5155e2f04ca28482cdd7131.jpeg

Unidentified crud. Then, life! 10E5D9F7-B8E7-4455-9BB8-55FD6B9BA0B5.png.7dceec6f69857fa3009f31b82296bd78.png5E076505-63DE-48F8-9F9F-319EF88E0EE0.png.6cd3f83db0d38bb3446545d57b8cdd4b.pngFEF00E42-E140-4546-BCF9-25E953F0945D.png.def3751202fd89da29f8eff7174f4a69.png

I know that what I’m doing isn’t new, but it’s quite fun and interesting! 😁

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On 2/25/2023 at 3:51 AM, Guppysnail said:

It’s like an entire alternate universe of life and drama going on. I enjoy viewing that drama under a scope. 

I love looking into that world too. Now I wish I bought a better scope! 

You may have seen these, but if not, these guys were part of an infested plant collection we were 'brewing' to test Reverse Respiration long ago.

Each video is 1 minute in length:






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i wanted to try this with some Stability.

my science teacher asked what i wanted to put under a microscope

i said "bacteria"

she said no rather quickly.


I need to get some green water under a microscope though, that sure sounds interesting.

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