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Is my Amano shrimp pregnant?


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One of my Amano shrimp is now easily 2-3 times the size of any of her tank mates.  A couple days ago she looked like this:


today she looks like this:


did she hatch out babies?  I mean, there are theoretically 10 Amano shrimp in there, but most remained comparatively small.  Maybe 2 are giantesses and I only see one at a time?

 I was under the impression Amano can’t breed in fresh water?

in other news, my baby pea puffer just ignores them.  More on that later…70C1B0E4-2F90-4348-B346-8B9070CB8833.jpeg.0e5ed6b2bfc6eabb88016c7cf9debca1.jpeg

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