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Raising Brine Shrimp


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I have just recently started looking into raising baby brine shrimp to adults. I have not been able to find a whole lot of information about the best way to do this, and I also haven't seen too much information on the benefits of raising these baby brine shrimp. I am Interested to know how anyone has successfully raised them, and why you do it?

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I have never done it, but like you have looked into it.

You just need a salt-water tank setup. Design a small saltwater tank — need not be too large — and feed them something like Spirulina. Be aware that there can be some serious odor if you have a die-off.

I am told everywhere that artemia lose their nutritional value once they move past the early nauplii stage.

I sometimes still purchase adult artemia to feed fish because the hunt for live food seems good for fish.

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