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CO2 and HoB filter


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I wish I had a set with these fancy lily pipes.

But I got a HOB. The internet does not give me a straight answer.

Right now, the CO2 is on the side of the filter close to it; this is  based on a video I saw from "the secret history in your aquarium."

But the internet is all over with that. Can CO2 and HoB filters work together, or is it a waste of time? If so, what is the best way?

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You might lose a little efficiency but you can run CO2 with a HOB no problem. I always shoot to maximize how long the bubbles stay in the water. If there is flow going in downward anywhere that would be the most ideal spot for co2. I have also ran the CO2 so it bubbled into the flow coming from the filter so it mixes a bit more rather than just bubbling straight to the top.

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For now, I posed it on the other side of the filter. I think that for my filter, it makes a bit more sense as it is pretty intense and sucks the water from the other side. This is also what aqua pro recommended somewhere.


And I also filled the water up, so the coming out of the filter does not pushes the surface too much 

Let's see what happens 


Thank you! 

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