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The Newly Rescaped 29g Tank

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I did it. I rescaped my 29g! Took everything out except the substrate. Added Spider wood, rearranged plants, added new plants and … voila! I like it better. Would have been nice to change the substrate, but far too much work! I can live with this, especially when all of the background plants fill in!

here is the before and after….B4C0B5F8-7AA8-46B1-9A57-02EB33AB2D93.jpeg.55bdc84d4adcbdbf94bddaeb90477a31.jpeg

and after…B758082B-C284-4A82-9B30-916D4C5F923A.jpeg.3d0d7699a67431b8c22dc9816529644f.jpeg


it’s a little cloudy because I kicked up a lot of stuff, but once it settles and grows in, I think it’ll be fabulous.

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On 2/11/2023 at 8:12 AM, neitherman said:

That driftwood looks great in your tank! I think overall it's an improvement. Having the lava rock offset from center and putting the anubias into the driftwood just makes it all look more natural.

Thanks!  Before, I just kinda plopped plants in wherever there was a space without much thought. I originally had 3 large Lava rocks in there , but once the driftwood was in, I couldn’t fit the all, so I kept the 2nd largest one. I left a gap between the rock and the driftwood as space for the Vallisneria to do it’s thing. Moved the Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus to the corner where I can keep it better under control and moved the Red Dwarf Lily to center directly behind the driftwood. Overall, I’m happy with it and can’t wait to see how it all progresses as it grows 

 Here’s a pic from this morning after everything settled back down an the filter had time to clear the water 


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