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Fishtuber(s) needs some love


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Hey everyone,

Man.... I am always excited when I see videos from this creator and I always enjoy the content no matter what.  Could be on anything and I just feel shattered by the opening on this one.  (Pecktec)

Please take 2-4 minutes and hear his intro, drop some love in the comments if you can.

Rachel O'Leary has been dealing with some medical stuff you can see on her community tab.  Same thing. 

Aquarium Adventures has been dealing with a months long project and has had some major issues with leaks!  Great, uplifting, positive human being, and it just hits me hard when I see someone who can be that motivating and wonderful to watch struggle.

Cory, I think we've all seen been through the ups and downs.  Zenzo had one recently as well. 

I don't want this to be a downer of a post, but seriously.... please make sure you tell those that you cherish, that what they do is a wonderful gift for us and try to share some joy / love out there.

Thanks everyone.

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