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Too much mulm from driftwood


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I have an established 55 gallon tank with a large piece of ghostwood inside. I do not have any issues with it except for one huge one. It is causing a tremendous amount of mulm all over the tank. It is on the substrate and all over my plants. It fills my filter in a few days.  I have not had this issue with other tanks or wood. Has anyone encountered this before? I would like to hear your experiences. I finally gave up and removed the piece of wood from the tank. It has a smell of decay. Is it because of the type of wood or the amount of wood? Is there anything I can do to stop it from decaying so quickly or should I go with another type of wood? I purchased this wood from a local fish store. Will I have the large amounts of mulm with any type of driftwood because of the large tank size and wood size? Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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