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Emersed "rescue aquarium"

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Just set up this tank to try to grow some stuff that I have struggled with. I'm hoping it will do better for me than the previous attempts. I recently moved and my plants have suffered as a result.

The plants I'm trying to save are:

Crypt parva

Crypt lucens

Anubis nana petite

Hydrocotyl Japan

Christmas moss

Pogo octopus

Java Fern

The tank is just potting soil that's fully wet. A 10 gallon aquarium. A tight fitting glass lid. A fluval aquasky light on a timer for 12 hours a day. The plants were added on 1-8-23 and only the hydrocotel is doing noticeably well. I'm hoping the rest are growing roots. I open the lid daily and spray water on the plants.

Is there any tips anyone has on growing emersed plants with the intention of planting them back into an aquarium one day? I did leave the rhizomes of the annubius and java Fern out of the soil but they are resting on the soil. 

I want all the plants to grow but the plant I'm really in love with and want to grow the most is crypt parva so specifically any advice on that plant is appreciated. 






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I've done this before. You will get  TON  of growth. Like, that tank will be overflowing with plants in a relatively short time. The only draw back to growing emersed is the melt/adjustment period when you submerge them. Especially with the crypts. Keeping the humidity really high helps make the transition less stressful for the plants.

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