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Female blue betta bloated for a month

Any Huit

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My blue female betta Mermista has had a bloated tummy for 1 month now - it's not getting worse or better. I've tried kanaplex - both putting it in the water & feeding it with frozen daphnia - epsom salt baths, and now maracyn II. I've changed the water and added tannins. Nothing I do seems to be working! I've fasted her for 5 days, took a break to feed her frozen brine shrimp and daphnia and soaked hikari pellets (only 2 at a time), and then fasted again. She's acting very normal, she enjoys swimming around her 10 gallon a lot and still has a big appetite, the only issue is I cannot see if she's pooped. 

I haven't used paracleanse yet, I need to do a water change today, and then I can start treating for that too? I've also ordered expel p.

Here's a zoomed in picture of her sunbathing.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?? I thought she might also be full of eggs, but it's been a one month, so I'm not sure anymore. Could it be a tumor? 


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Could be egg bound. Risky procedure to save it for egg bound but if all else fails, maybe give it a try. A 5 day fast should have cut it down if it was food related (or it should have bloated more with gases from blocked food, is my guess".

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