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New tank cloudiness


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Recently My wife and I set up a new aquarium. We got home from work yesterday and had the cloudy water thats of course sympematic of a new tank and that got me thinking, what is the cause of this?

I know accepted internet wisdom on this is that its a 'bacteria bloom' but Ive never seen an actual study or solid info on this and it all seems a bit 'pseudo sciency' to me.

I question this accepted wisdom even more because nitrifying bacteria does not thrive free floating in the water column, but on surfaces. (or at least that is my understanding).


So what is the cloudy water really?

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The only time I've had cloudy water that I couldn't fix with water clarifier/filter floss was with one of my early tanks that I put in three different types of bacteria boosters in massive dosages. So anecdotally I think it may be a "bacterial bloom." I'd be curious to see a study too though. 

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