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Platy - Disease or Genetics?


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While doing some much over due plant pruning (classes have been keeping me very busy) I noticed one of my platies has an odd lumpy growth around its tail. The tank is well planted, though mostly a floating mass of pearl weed at the moment, using UNS Countrasoil. There are also a dozen or so, mostly smaller, other platies, and 20ish red cherry shrimp. The tank is unfiltered and unheated, and I believe currently hangs between 60 and 70 F (I forgot to check).

They have been breeding well since I got my first dozen juveniles off r/AquaSwap, so I wouldn't be too sad if I need to let this one go. However I want to be sure to give the right treatment if this is some kind of disease. I only have aquarium salt on hand and would have to pick up any other meds.


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