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If you have bird feeders, get Christmas trees off the curb after Christmas


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Birds love shelter around and near bird feeders. The birds can hide from hawks and the wind in abandoned clean Christmas trees.  We get 3-5 big trees from the rich neighborhoods (those trees are heavily pruned and very dense and very big) after they are placed of the curb after Christmas. They are already cut to a nice transport size.

The trees also catch falling seed to give the birds another chance to eat them. The birds don't have to go far to crack open the seeds between their feet on small branches.

In the spring we chain the trees to our seawall for wild fish to spawn in and for wild fry to hide in. They birds often build nests in the parts that are out of the water.

Other people cut them up for bon fires or mulch, or them on the curb for spring branch pick up.

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Great tips and especially neat about the seawall.

I haven't taken other trees off the curb, but I do put my own tree out for the birds and critters once we are done with it. As it dries out over the course of the summer, it smells heavenly in that part of the yard. I cut branches off and scrape the needles onto the ground under acid-loving plants like hydrangeas and azaleas. And eventually burn branches in my firepit. There's a lot to love about used live Christmas trees.

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