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Albino Dojo Loach Raised Area on Skin


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New tank, first time loach owner. 75 gallons

3 dojo loaches, 2 paradise gourami, 2 hillstream loaches (currently) pH is 7.6 Ammonia 0 Nitrites were 0.25 ppm Nitrate 10 ppm 

I've been doing water changes everyday since I noticed the growths develop. No other fish displaying anything abnormal. I intend on letting this run its course while keeping water conditions as stable and pristine as possible. I'm not sure what it is and therefore can't properly treat it if need be. Any advice is helpful and appreciated. Thank you

Please note- there are white flecks on its tail, and what I'm assuming as algae growth beginning on the glass. The final picture (not sure why it's upside down I apologize) is of the left side of the fish with new growths starting to raise.









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Currently in quarantine tank. I went to LFS to show photos and get their opinion, I was given Kanaplex from Seachem. He said to dose 10 times total, 48 hours between each dose, and each day between those doses to do a water change. Since it's a 5 gallon the little loach is in, I'm doing 2 gallons for water changes. 

Overall the only thing that's changed is the tank it's in. No behavioral changes and growths are still the same size. I don't think this will show rapid signs of improvement. I'll be doing treatments into January

Thank you for your response

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On 12/23/2022 at 3:32 PM, Stroy15 said:

I'll spit ball here, have you considered parasites or tumor neither of which, I think, kanaplex treats, have you considered using paracleanse? Unfortunately, if it's a tumor (which I don't think that it is, as it looks like swelling in the tail) there nothing to do.

No I don't think so. There's smaller growths on the other side starting how I first noticed them. Man at LFS has seen it in several fish before through the shop and was confident it was bacterial. Which makes sense as I'd been having issues with water parameters. Stress could be a factor as well. No other fish have any symptoms. I'm going to keep my chin up and rule out parasite or tumor. I'm going to give this medicine time and then switch if I need to

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