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Planaria or some other type of flatworms?


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Of course, it is my shrimp tank, so I'm worried these might be planaria, but I am not seeing any eye spots or the 'triangle' head. Sorry that the pic is so bad, once I turned on the light they started heading for the substrate and I was not able to get any decent ones. They seem a bit large for the rhabdocoela type of flatworms I read about, but I'm not much of a worm biologist. 

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There are many flatworm types. Here are some photos that may help for comparison. Not all planarians have triangle heads and some the eyes are crazy hard to see. 
Edit to add: don’t squish it  they can reproduce when segments are cut off  so then you end up with 2-3  use a plastic razor or regular one if you are careful to remove it  




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