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mystery of Fritz Coppersafe


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About 6 weeks ago i made the fatal mistake of using Fritz Coppersafe in my planted 55. I was trying to treat an outbeak of Ich that was running though the neon tetras.

It worked and i've been ich free for several weeks. didnt lose a single fish. What I didnt see coming was the death of all 5 mystery snails in the tank.

Rookie mistake.

However I have 10 amano shrimp and 2 nerite snails that survived the ordeal and seem to be doing great (nerites are laying eggs everywhere!)

About a week ago I tried to re introduce Mystery snails. Both were dead within 72 hours.

Why does this only seem to be killing the mystery snails? and what can i do to re-introduce mystery snails back, my wife loved them and she is very sad now 😞


What have i learnt? NEVER put copper in your aquarium, there are so many other treatements.

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Welcome to the forums.

That is definitely a tough situation.  I am surprised to hear the shrimp and nerites are doing ok.  I have some cupramine but never used it because of my shrimp.

From research I have done, I don't know that the med can be fully removed from the tank.  If you want to have a "best chance" I would suggest looking at something like heavy metal filters used for reefs.  From the one I saw recently it is a membrane filter followed by two types of carbon filters.  Running carbon in your tank should be a must for the next little while to do everything you can to remove the med as a minimum.  disturb the substrate, considering pulling it to rinse it too if you really have no other solution.  Porous rocks, wood, some things like that might absorb the med and leech it long term.  I don't know if the silicone seals would absorb it, but that's another consideration.

Best of luck with it.  Potentially email the company and see what they say as well?


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