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Greeting from Australia


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Hi all,

Fairly new to the wonderful world of aquariums although I have had 2 aquaponic set ups and a goldfish pond for a few years now (with varying degrees of success). As our company closed offices left right and center I have now been working from home for 3 years. I moved into a little room we had spare and slowly started to make this into but an office!! I currently have 1 off 40l (10g) on the left side of my desk in which I keep a betta, 6 tetras and a mystery snail. On the right side of the desk is an empty 80l aquarium which I'm planning to set up with as a guppy tank. I also have plans to put a tank in behind me along the wall with a shrimp set up.

Hope to get some valuable advice and inspiration!


Thank you




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It is a massive snail! For some reason our local petstore has masses of them. 

The log is hollow and on numerous occasion I had to remove it as I was afriad that the snail was trapped inside!! I have remedied the situation by putting a stick inside the hollow with an airplant to make it look like it supposed to be there.



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