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Scarlet Badis vs. Black Tiger Badis


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So, sure, a. Scarlet Badis all colored up for breeding is the hands down winter. But what about regular time? What do you guys think?

I have a tank with a Scarlet Badis and a tank with a Black Tiger Badis. Just day-to-day, the Black Tiger seems so much cooler to me. In general he's got much better color, and he's more fun to watch. I see him more than just meal times. Most the time he's got more red than the Scarlet does.

Has anyone else kept both of these fish? What do you think? Everybody talks about the Scarlet bettis all the time, but there's some other really cool ones. I want to try out one of these Flame Badis, but I'm not sure if they'll look as cool as they do on the internet. It seems the colors and photos are always punched away up.

I don't think there's a right answer. I just want to know what some of other people's experiences are.

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Haven’t kept either. For anyone looking these up, helps to know that on YouTube you may find more results if you search for “Tiger Dario.”

The Scarlet Badis has a Latin binomial = Dario dario. But the Tiger Badis is labeled as “Dario sp.” in this article. Read the NOTES section. My head still hurts from trying to follow the taxonomy discussion. Searching fishbase.us, maybe Badis kyar is another taxonomy candidate?

Here’s some footage on YouTube…

Anyway… would love some video of yours, @Corbidorbidoodle

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