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Levimasole dosing instructions


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Hi! I've been looking through this forum and noticed some very different dosing instructions for levimasole, and was wondering if anyone can help clear up some of my confusion. For some background: I have some wild caught rosy loaches. I posted about them earlier; unfortunately I'm still losing some here and there, about one a month, to suspected parasites. Their symptoms follow wasting disease to a T. I've tried Paracleanse, but unfortunately each time I've used it, it crashed my cycle. I am thinking that, while I was using cycled sponge filters from my main tank, they might not have been mature enough. So these poor fish have gone through an in-tank cycle (with me doing daily water changes and dosing Prime) twice, which I'm sure is making the situation much worse. I feel so bad, but I didn't know how long it took for a sponge filter to mature in your display tank.

Anyways, I just finished a course of Prazipro; since it doesn't have metronidazole, my water parameters remained 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and low nitrates throughout. Unfortunately, during the treatment, one of the fish that was already looking bad did not improve, and one more has started to look iffy. The symptoms are typically the classic wasting away, getting very skinny, too weak to swim much, hiding, loss of color, and an initial good appetite that slowly decreases until they're no longer eating. I have also observed rapid breathing at times (with the tank fully cycled), and now I have one fish whose tail fins are tightly clamped. He looks dreadful, only swimming with his front fins, but he is still eating very well and not hiding.

It doesn't seem like Prazipro is working, so I did a water change late on day 5. I would like to try Levimasole now, but how long should I wait? I know these can't be mixed.

As for the dosing instructions - I have Fritz Expel-P from Aquarium Co-op, and the instructions say 1 packet per 10 gallons. I believe each packet is 1 gram of levimasole hydrochloride. You dose the tank, wait 24 hours, do a water change, and then wait a week and dose again. However, on this forum, I see people using Levimasole from Select Aquatics/Greg Sage, and the directions are much different. I believe he is dosing 1 gram per 100 gallons, waiting 24 hours, water change, and immediately dose again? I'm assuming this is because it is a much lower dosage, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts on the most effective dosing regime for Levimasole would be super appreciated!

Thank you so much and sorry for the long story-length post!

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What I typically do is add Expel p active ingredient levamisole to food following this recipe if there still eating it's more effective feeding a small amount twice a day for 7 days follow up with a second course in two weeks  IMG_20220714_201411.jpg.87c913bd2cccc2fb97af44da3e2a0f23.jpg

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On 11/5/2022 at 1:59 PM, svelez said:

I have pellets that are small enough, but think I would have better luck with repashy. Is there a dosage to mix it in repashy gel food?

Thank you so much!

What i use is 1 table spoon of repashy with 5  grams of the levamisole 

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