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My new black ruby barb has a red sore!


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I have a 20gallon long quarantine tank for which I just adopted 10 black ruby barbs at my local fish store about 2 or 3 days ago as well as a dwarf blue gourami. I am using filter media from my cycled tank and a spare heater for my quarantine tank. I am glad I decided to quarantine, as I noticed one of them has a red, protruding lesion. 

I am not familiar with this problem, but extensive googling has led me to maybe red pest? Aka hemorrhagic septicemia. The only medication I have currently is ich x, and I did do one dose of that only because I know it is a broad-ish medicine for some infection and I felt like I had to do *something*


Note- these pictures are from 24 hours before this post. The sore is slightly redder and darker now, not much larger though. The fish is not pineconing and it does not have ich (others elsewhere have commented those issues, but it is just the scales shimmering in the light giving that illusion). There appears to be something white-ish at the tip of the protrusion, It doesn't appear to move or anything like a worm, perhaps it's just part of flesh. 






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On 10/24/2022 at 5:36 AM, Colu said:

Okay. I'll pick up kanaplex today. Will that also help with some of the freyed fins? A few of the rubies have some iffy looking fins and I'm assuming that's just from where they were at before I got them. 





It could be caused by an injury or possible ulcer I think doing a course of kanaplex in food feeding a small amount twice a day for 7 days and add some aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons for one week 



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On 10/24/2022 at 11:15 PM, ab1990 said:

Last question I think- do I need to soak the kanaplex in the food, or can I just administer it to the tank? 


All I have is flake food and frozen bloodworms. 

It's more effective in food and it less likely to harm your benefial bacteria you can use frozen food with the recipe I provided i usually make a new batch of medicated food every 48 when using frozen you can store let over medicated food in the fridge 

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