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Need advice from snake owners!

Lexi B

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Hello! I adopted a 2 month old ball python about a month ago and he is an absolute blessing. He's very active, friendly, and inquisitive- he also loves to eat. He's been on hopper mice ranging from  8-12 grams, and I was planning on moving him up a size next feeding since he's outgrown them now. Yesterday I fed him because I noticed he was spending a lot of time exploring his enclosure and figured he was ready for his next meal. He gets fed every 5-7 days, so his previous feeding had been on Saturday. He took it no problem, and I noticed he wasn't spending as much time prowling so- problem solved right?


Well, I just came home to find he regurgitated his meal and now I'm panicking! I don't know what exactly caused this except maybe the fact that he hadn't gone to the bathroom in between meals? The other thing that I wasn't expecting is how a sudden weather change has caused his temperature gradient to be way out of wack! As in it dropped 10 degrees overnight (confirmed with heat gun and thermostats. 

He has UTH, which was working great when the average temperature rarely dropped below 70. Typically his husbandry looked like this:

2 hides, one hot and humid, on cold, lots of clutter. He's on coco fiber. His hot spot is approximately 95 degrees, typically warm side of the aquarium was low 80s and cool was room temp.

Today the hotspot is still 95 degrees, but ambient temp is now room temp on the warm side and 66 on his cool side! I'm going out to pick up a halogen bulb to help regulate the ambient temperature. I had one in use but stopped using it because it seemed like he preferred the heat mat. But in colder months, (believe me it's about to get way colder than it was today), this clearly wasn't going to work.


Would the sudden temperature drop be what caused him to regurge? Did I feed him too soon? I'm so worried about my little buddy since I know vomiting is not at all good for his system. 


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