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Easy Green/ Easy Iron Dosing

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Hi All, 

Let's nip this misconception in the bud.  The amount of iron dosed has no bearing on the amount of 'red' a plant will display.  It is believed that this 'old wives tale' is the result of red leaves resembling rust in color and rust is a form or iron - but there is no scientific evidence that increasing iron increases the red coloration in plants.

The "red" coloration in plants is caused by anthocyanin pigments, which are red, pink, and purple in color.  The greater the light intensity the greater the amount of anthocyanin pigments that are produced.  Ever notice how with some of your plants the leaves are green near the base and as the stem grows the leaves become more and more reddish and they approach the surface?  That is the result of the greater light intensity as the leaves get closer and closer to the light source.  Hope this helps! -Roy


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