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crazy habrosus


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pH 7.6

Nitrates - 5.0ppm

Hardness - ?

Nitrite - 0.50-1.0ppm

Ammonia - 0-0.25ppm

Water Temp - 76.4

Hello, I have a 10 gallon planted tank with about 4 corys, 4 endlers, a betta and some trapdoor snails. (Was planning on completely restarting the tank at the end of the month but keep the fish) a couple of weeks ago, I noticed one of my corys swimming really odd. it was swimming like it had no control over its body. it couldn't go straight and it absolutely couldn't swim upright. the first day i noticed it he was all over the tank and then he calmed down but i could still tell he was still swimming the same way just not full sending really. Today i noticed it had died in the back  of my tank.. I asked on reddit and someone suggested it was probably wasting disease since i had just started medicating for it. I would really like to know if i can keep the other corys and fish to put in my revamped tank or if i need to get all new fish as well. any advice is much appreciated. thanks

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What your describing is more than likely swim bladder caused by high levels of ammonia and nitrite they can damage fish's swim bladder what I would do is test daily and do daily 50% water changes add a double dose of prime to help detoxify any ammonia or nitrites till they constantly stay 

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