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willow branches in tropical aquariums


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In the spring, when people were removing winter branches from their yards to mow, I picked up a bunch of weeping willow branches just leafing out. I tried clipping in all my tanks, and over time, they repeatedly all died. The big branches I put in the tub outside did great. We have well rooted starts of many trees. We just need to figure out where to plant them so their long roots don't get into pipes and foundations and their weak branches don't fall on anything.

At first I thought the willows needed more light, and threaded them through the blinds, but I think the warm tanks water is what did them in. It might be interesting to try in a coldwater tank.

I have had great luck with turnips set in about 1/4 of water on an HOB or in a basket at the top of the tank. My friend's fry love swimming around in the basket, safely away from the munching goldfish and guppies. The roots are really very pretty drifting in the water. They gobble nitrogen as they increase leaf size. They as very cheap and easy to buy in the veggie dept of the grocery store. Start a few at different times and replace if they plants start to take over. 

Thinking outside of the box? What box? I see no box?

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I had the willow in tanks with west exposure and north exposure, right against the glass. They slowly died. The ones outside in the tote on the north side of the cottage grow like crazy.  I might try taking some cuttings before the leaves on the willows turn and stick them in a heated tank by the sliding glass door and report back. But then, there isn't a grounded outlet on that wall. (old knotty pine cottage)  Maybe I can set something up at the house? I'll look around there tomorrow. Bought some more turnips for the fish tanks today.

I bought sweet potatoes too.... 

I think Cory should sell floating spring bulbs for people to force in their aquariums. A ring of Styrofoam, some netting, maybe a bow? Crotuses don't grow too tall, or those mini daff-a-down-dillies.

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