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Aquarium Projects Variety Pack Journal


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I have 4 major projects I want to do in the coming future. 

1. water change system, pvc pipe end- I use 20 foot tubing and a water pump to pump water into my 125 but the tube frequently slips out of the tank as its filling and causes a mess. I want to make one of the pvc systems people have made that go over the edge, diffuse the water spray etc. Additionally I'd like to find a way to make this powerful pump usable to fill the smaller tanks. 

2. 5g portait rescape- This tank is overdue for a fresh look. It has anubias and other plants that have been doing great despite the lack of attention, but the spider wood is so old its falling apart and barely any is left, plus a substrate of ancient fluval stratum which is less and less something I enjoy having. I need to come up with an idea for a rescape, the money, and the find the supplies. 

3. 125g archerfish shooting range- I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do here first, I have a thread on it in general discussion, and then build something that'll allow my archers to behave naturally while not sacrificing the lighting for the aquarium which for now just sits right on top of the tank.

4. 29g rescape/replant- this no co2 tank used to have a full carpet and an immense density of plants before massive die off that I still haven't curbed. Similar situation in my 125, but I'd really like to bring this tank back to life as it used to be the best thing I had ever put together in this hobby. 


Here I want to track progress. 

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