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Any recommendations for a first-time shell dweller keeper?


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Ooh, I’m following this! 

I’m most interested in getting N. multifasciatus and I’ve been doing research on them. From what I’ve seen, 10 gallons are like the minimum for these guys but many people prefer colony breeding them in larger tanks like 15 or 20 gallons with more floor space. Cory has used MTS as a clean-up crew and nothing rooted will make it through the fish remodeling (unless you use an Aquarium Co-Op Easy planter). I think floating plants would work best. I’ve also wanted to always try out what Cory said about keeping guppies and Multies together. Those baby guppies will keep the Multi adults well-fed 

I’m curious to see what other people have to say about Multies and other species

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On 9/26/2022 at 8:53 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

I’ll tag @Zenzo because he seems to know a lot about these fish.

Any recommendations for species, tank size and plants??

Here is an article that I wrote for the website. I hope that this gives you a good starting point. 


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