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Drewzero Member Interview

Odd Duck

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@drewzero1 You’re being interviewed!


1.) Favourite fish?

2.) Least favourite fish?

3.) Favourite fish YouTuber?

4.) Favourite non-fish YouTuber?

5.) Favourite food?

6.) What fish would you like to be the most?

7.) What was your scariest moment?

8.) What country do you want to visit the most?

9.) Cats or dogs?

10) Describe yourself in 3 words.

11) Pancakes or Waffles?

12) What is your favorite song?

13) What do you dislike most about the aquarium hobby, and why?

14) What is your favorite TV show?

15) What is your greatest fear?

16) What is or was your favorite subject in school, and why?

17) Do you keep live aquarium plants? If so, what types?

18) Do you love or hate pest snails?

19) Do you enjoy gardening?

20) What do you love most about the aquarium hobby?

21) What was the biggest mistake you've made so far in the hobby, and what has it taught you?

22) Burgers or Pizza?

23) What is your favorite aquatic animal?

24) What is your dream tank or something you want to accomplish in this hobby?

25) Favorite candy?

26) What is your favorite book?

27) What other things do you do for fun outside of the hobby?


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Draft got deleted (oops!) so I'll take it in chunks.

1.) Favourite fish? Mollies for sure. They're so beautiful and versatile, and fun to watch.

2.) Least favourite fish? Of the ones I've kept, my least favorite has been the common pleco. They get way too big to have any business being in any of my tanks.

3.) Favourite fish YouTuber? Prime Time Aquatics. Their videos are pretty consistently good and they have similar (hard) water to mine.

4.) Favourite non-fish YouTuber? Robert Dunn of the channels Aging Wheels (cars) and Under Dunn (wood shop/other projects).

5.) Favourite food? Rice. It's so versatile, and it's even good by itself or with a bit of hot sauce.

6.) What fish would you like to be the most? Maybe a sturgeon, they seem very wise. However a lot of them around here end up on the pointy end of a spear, so maybe I don't want to be a fish. ("I'd like to visit the sea, but I don't think I'd like to live there...")

7.) What was your scariest moment? Either bodysurfing or carsurfing, definitely wouldn't try either again.

8.) What country do you want to visit the most? I've learned a lot about the UK, and I'd love to see it. I flew over it once on my way to Germany, would love to go back there as well.

9.) Cats or dogs? Catfish. (I like dogs slightly more, but we don't keep anything furry in the house.)

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